Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry of the past couple of blogs!

I was up bright and early this morning and after the past couple of days of bad weather and all (lol), this is what the Muizenberg beach was about. It has clouded over now but hey I have the proof that the sun was out this morning.

OK, so now my apologies for the past couple of blogs, here goes the sob story;
- On Friday my wife and I where supposed to go to Victoria Falls for the weekend.
- Zambian President has past away and was lying in state in Livingstone, the trip was canceled.
- Bother.
- I had pre scheduled posts for all my blogs for the time that I was away (all the others sit on wordpress and muizenbergdaily sits on blogger/ blogspot).
- Now that I was not away, one of the biggest storms to hit Cape Town in +- 3 years arrives.
- So I go out and take loads of pictures of the waves and rough seas etc etc.
- So what I wanted to do was suspend the scheduled posts (after the posts where posted) and post the storm photographs.
- This is where things went pear shaped.
- Blogger in unexpected form decided that I could not re-schedule a post that had already been posted to another day - even when I told it not to (wordpress allows one to do this.).
- My only option was to delete the posts but I thought that would have been a waste - oh well.
- So sorry for the double posts, it was blogger/ blogspot's inability to allow me to manage my posts (scheduled or not), not me - lol.

Anyways have to go, loads of work to do.

PS I would love to compete in these theme days but have no idea of what to do - could anybody advise.

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