Monday, September 15, 2008

The Cape Sands Hotel, Muizenberg

Now you can see what the the old Cape Sands hotel looks like inside, you will have to agree that the current owner needs a public flogging. How in earth can someone buy a building and let it get to this state, has the owner no dignity - I ask you (I do not think he/ she has to tell you the truth).
  • Human faeces litter the floor.
  • Mold ever where.
  • All copper pipes have gone (pull out of the wall).
  • Floors that have gone missing (certain areas have no floors).
  • Broken windows ever where.
  • Smells that will take decades to get rid of.
  • And the list can go on but I won't.
When one does something in life one takes on the responsibility to better what one has taken on, so what does this say about the current owner and their out look on life.

To the current owner - "sit down in front of a mirror and look deeply, I fear what you are looking at resembles a mammal that wallows in something"

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