Friday, May 4, 2012

Table Mountain confirmed as new Natural Wonder

Well at last it is official after months of votes scrutinizing and recounting it has finally been accepted that table Mountain is one of the new natural wonders of the world.I think as Capetonians we always knew we had something special sitting on our doorstep but for the vast majority of us we didn't know it was this special.

the back of table Mountain with devil speak
The top right-hand side of the back of table Mountain with Devils Peak
For people around the world to consider and vote for our mountain and for it to be adjudged in the top seven is a huge feather in our caps for all South Africans and all Africans for that matter.

With simple facts for example the mountain was 260 million years old offers 2200 species of plants and not to mention its presence in the area are just a few aspects of how and why this month and has one.

That is our baby in the background, with Signal Hill to the right.
That is our baby in the background, with Signal Hill to the right.

Unlike all the other new seven wonders of the world table Mountain is very easily accessible for all locals and tourists alike. Drive your car or catch a taxi from anyone of the Cape Town hotels on offer and you of their at the cable station with not more than 10 minutes.

""""Sorry just to get equity above statement of 2200 species of plants, it has just dawned on me that that is a spectacularly large amount of plants. I think I should take up as a life's goal to photograph each and every single one of those 2200.""""

I think the best thing I personally can do in celebration is open up a fine bottle of Cape bubbly wine and celebrate, I certainly don't need an excuse but this is a fine one - so cheers to our mountain that looks like a table.


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